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Solar Charge Controllers

Solar Charge Controllers for Recreational Vehicles.

There are basically three types of solar electric charge controllers available for Recreational Vehicle use.

On/Off controllers which sense when the battery has reached a predetermined charge capacity and simply turns off the current flow to the battery. On/Off controllers are usually inexpensive and very reliable. They are best used on small solar systems in campers with a single battery.

Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) solar charge controllers are much more sophisticated than on/off controllers. PWM controllers continually monitor a batteries voltage and regulates the current from the modules according to the batteries state of charge. As the battery nears the controllers full charge set point (usually 14.4 volts) the controller will slowy reduce the charge current to the battery to avoid heating, gassing and over-charging then drops down to a trickle charge. At mid price ranges PWM controllers help to extend battery life.

Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) are the ultimate solar charge controller for recreational vehicles with large array's (3 to 6 modules). MPPT controllers do not track the sun rather they track battery voltage and match amp output from the solar array to the batteries voltage thus elimanating power losses that are common in on/off and PWM controllers. Eliminating this power loss can yeild 10 - 30% increase in battery charging capacity. Hi end MPPT solar charge controllers have 3 to 4 stages of charging: Bulk, Acceptance, Float and Equalize. MPPT controllers will extend battery life. All these sophisticated features make MPPT controllers the most expensive charge controller for RV installations... but they are worth every penny of it!

Blue Sky Energy Solar Charge Controllers
Blue Sky Energy Solar Charge Controllers