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Battery Based RV 12 Volt DC to AC Inverters - Magnum & Xantrex

Modified and Sine Wave Inverters... Which one do I need for my RV?
Both modified and Sinewave inverters convert your batteries 12 volt DC power to 120 volt AC power.

Modified sine wave inverters produce somewhat square sine wave. The AC power is not a clean as grid power and may have small voltagae fluctuations. Modified sine wave inverters run low end electrical devices such as power tools, blow driers, coffee pots with no problems at all. We've even seen them run flat panel TV's with no snow or interference. Plug a microwave into a modified sine wave inverter and you'll see it doesn't like the power source. It'll run but it buzzes and operates at lower power than normal. Eventually the microwave will burn out.

Sinewave inverters are much more sophisticated than modified sine wave inverters. They produce true sine wave lengths just like shore power, maybe even better. Because of the sophisticated on-board electronics sine wave inverters can cost 4 to 5 times the price of the same size modified sine wave. With all the high-end electronics on today's modern RV we highly recommend sine wave over modified sine wave.

RV Inverters - Modified Sine Wave
RV Inverters - Modified Sine Wave
RV Inverters - Pure Sine Wave
RV Inverters - Pure Sine Wave