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RV LED Motion Lighting

RV Motion Sensing Replacement Porch Lights

Update: 11/29/15
We have discontinued sales of the Smart Light 1000 and replaced it with the Motion Guard 1000®. The Smart Light 1000 is a great light but the new Gen 2 Motion Guard light is a superior product.

Jim installing our test SmartLight 1000 up at the lake.

We really don't recommend using a Coleman cooler, a crate of wood and a step stool as a ladder for installing your SmartLight 1000™, but that's all we had with us.

We ordered a couple of SmartLight 1000's in April of 2012 for field testing. Jim was the first to install his motion light. The next week I installed mine... and I remembered to bring a ladder.

Our 5th wheels stay at the lake from May thru October which gave us both warm and cold weather conditions to test our SmartLight 1000's before we offered them for sale.

I've got to tell you these lights are really cool!
Both of our SmartLight 1000's performed perfectly every time the motion sensor picked up movement. Whether it was a friend coming to the camp fire or a skunk passing by in the wee hours of the night, the SmartLiight 1000 caught the activity.

We definitely can say that the SmartLight 1000™ is a very good quality product that you'll be able to depend on for years!

The SmartLight 1000™ has a variable resistor for adjusting the motion sensors sensitivity. When we initally installed our Smart Lights we left them at the factory default setting. Once it warmed up enough for Miller Moths to fly around we found that they'd activate the sensor and turn on the motion light. We also noticed when it was really cold outside that the SmartLight 1000™ seemed to be more sensitive than when it was warm out. You will need to adjust the sensitivity of your light to your liking. If you can work a screwdriver you can easily adjust the sensitivity.

The Smart Light 1000™ is really simple to install if you have a factory porch light on the curb side of your rig. At most it will take an hour to remove your existing light and install the Smart Light. The Smart Light 1000™ needs to be wired to switched circuit. I've never seen a factory wired curb side porch light that is not on a switched circuit. You'll also need a small tube of silicone at hand when you install the light.

The Smart Light 1000™ is a few inches longer than the factory porch light. Height and width are the same as the factory light. I could not install my SmartLight 1000™ where my existing porch light was located because of the awning rails and the entry door. I ended up installing my Smart Light 1000™ right in the center of my 5th wheel on the curb side. It just so happened that the 12 volt fuse box was in a cabinet directly across from where I wanted to install my light. The install was simple. I just had to drill a hole from the outside to the inside, ran wire to the fuse box and fastened the motion light to the outside wall. Currently my SmartLight 1000™ is not swithced. If I pull the trailer at night the motion light will go on. I'll get it wired up to a switch before I hit the road come spring.

The Smart Light 1000 doesn't use much Power! If the SmartLight 1000™ is left in auto mode it functions just like the motion sensing light at home. Auto mode can be disabled simply by switching the power switch on and off rapidly then the motion light will remain illuminated as a constant porch light. At most the Star Light 1000™ will only pull .2 dc amps. If the light was left on all night long it would only use about 2 amps. The included Revolution 200 lumen LED bulb is very bright! I will light up a wide area aroung the RV. Pictured right: Revolution 1141-200 LED bulb included with Smart Light 1000

If you are concerned about security or just want a light that automatically lights your way when you enter your recreational vehicle... the Smart Light 1000™ is a solid bet!

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