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Deep Cycle RV Batteries

Deep Cycle Batteries for RV's

We stock a group 24, group 27 and 6 volt lead acid deep cycle recreational vehicle batteries from May thru October at our shop in Granby, Colorado.

12 Volt Deep Cycle Batteries

Our 12 volt batteries are a true single purpose deep cycle batteriy, not a "hybrid" deep cycle battery that can serve as either a cranking/starting battery or a deep cycle battery. True deep cycle batteries are built to withstand repeated discharges and charges.

Wet or lead acid deep cycle batteries are rated in amp hours. The more amp hours you have in your battery bank means you'll have power longer, and you will be able to store more energy in the battery bank. Wet batteries should only be discharged down to 50%. If you have a single 88 amp hour battery you have 44 amps to live off of. If you have a pair of 88 amp hour batteries you have 88 amp hours to live off of.

Most Class C, 5th wheels and travel trailers have too small of a battery bank to make it thru a weekend of dry camping without an additional charge source. If it's time to replace your RV's battery you should consider increasing the size of your battery bank, and have a solar system installed to keep your new batteries in peak condition.

12 Volt Batteries

Interstate Group 24 RV Battery Granby Co 80446Interstate Group 24 (SRM24) is the smallest deep cycle battery that we carry. They are commonly used under the entry door steps in Class B and C motorhomes, or in any new RV where the RV dealer is trying to keep the "out-the-door" cost down. An SRM 24 is rated at 81 Amp hours and has a 12 month free replacement national warranty if the battery fails.





Interstate SRM 27 Deep Cycle Battery - Grand County, ColoradoInterstate Group 27 (SRM 27) is an 88 amp hour deep cycle battery. A pair of them wil give you a 176 amp hour battery bank. Interstate SRM 27's also carry a 12 month national warranty.

I have a pair of these in my fishing boat to power the bow motor. My bow motor runs constantly and I can run two days on the pair.




Centennial CB12-115 AGM Solar Battery Granby, CO 80446

Centennial CB12-115 is a group 31 115 amp hour maintenance free sealed lead acid AGM true deep cycle battery.This battery is 12.91" long, 6.77" wide and 8.54" tall and weights 72.91 lbs. It has a 24 month warranty.

The Centennial CB12-115 12V 115Ah Group 31 Sealed Lead Acid AGM Battery is the perfect representation of stable quality and highly reliable batteries. Centennial's AGM sealed construction allows for the battery to provide long life cycles. At the same time, the Centennial AGM batteries are maintenance-free products that require less attention and work from you! With a low pressure venting system, these batteries are a perfect option in standby applications. The ability to deliver high currents without significant drops in voltage is what makes Centennial competitively exclusive in guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

The Centennial CB12-115 battery is not in stock and available thru special order only. Delivery time is approxitmately 2 weeks.

6 Volt GC2 Golf Cart Deep Cycle Batteries

If your RV has the space for 6 volt batteries we'd recommend you put a pair of them in instead of two 12 volt batteries. A pair of 6 volt batteries will make a 225 amp hour battery bank, four of them builds a 450 amp hour bank. By ugrading to a pair of 6 volt deep cycle batteries you'll only add about 33 pounds of weight and gain about 70% in battery power. Wiring is very simple compared to wiring up two 12 volt batteries.

To wire 6 volt batteries simply connect the negative on one battery to the positive on the other battery to make the two 6 volt batteries into a big 12 volt battery. The remaining positive and negative posts are where you'll connect the RV ground wire and the RV hot wire.

Due to COVID or some other unknow reason obtaining 6 volt batteries has been hit and miss, but we do have them in stock.

Interstate 6 volt RV Battery Granby, CO 80446Interstate GC2-ECL is a 225 amp hour true deep cycle battery.
The battery is 10 5/16" long, 7 1/8" wide and 11" tall.
Each battery weights 62 lbs and comes with a national 12 month warranty.






Deka Pro Master GC2 Golf Cart Battery Grand County ColoradoDeka Pro Master GC15 is a 230 amp hour true deep cycle battery manufactured by East Penn. The Pro Master that we carry is a Deka battery branded with NAPA labels. The battery is 10.25" long, 7.13" wide and 10.88" tall. The battery weights 64 lbs and has a 12 month warranty.

East Penn Manufacturing Deka Pro Master Golf Car batteries are built with more deep cycle power for longer run time. Durability enhancements, high-density components, and an electrical short protection system ensure less maintenance in-between times of demanding use. Special manufacturing features significantly reduce time-consuming battery maintenance and frequent watering while delivering the industry’s most trusted performance. The integrated “twist-and-release” vent cap “quick fill” system releases vent caps in a single motion design, making maintenance a snap. The ergonomic lift handles reduce the risk of slippage. Designed for easier installation.


Centennial CB6-250 Sealed Lead Acid Battery is a 250 amp hour maintenance free true deep cycle AGM battery. The battery is 10.24" long, 7.09" wide and 10.51" tall and weights 77.82 lbs and comes with a 24 month warranty.

The CB6-250 sealed lead acid AGM battery is the perfect representation of stable quality and highly reliable batteries. At the same time the Centennial AGM batteries are maintenanc-free products that require less attention and work from you! The ability to delviver high currents without significand drops in voltages is what makes Centennial competitively exclusive in guaranteeing customer satisfaction.The Centennial AGM sealed construction allows for a long service life and make them dependable in everyday use. Centennial’s AGM’s provide maintenance-free operation, which means that their operation is hassle-free. The heavy duty grids, and low self-discharge of the Centennial AGM help it outlast the competition. 

The Centennial CB6-250 battery is not in stock and available thru special order only. Delivery time is approimately two weeks.

6 Volt GC2 Deep Cycle Battery Boxes

We carry these heavy duty dual 6 volt battery boxes. Being fully composed of 3/16" Polyethylene, these white, nearly translucent "plastic" boxes are strong, flexible and light weight. They fit almost all our customers needs! The durable nature of the Heavy Duty Polyethylene Battery Boxes surprises most, with being just a little bit flexible where it needs to be - but remaining strong enough to contain the batteries, even on rough terrain.

These plastic battery boxes are designed to contain corrosive battery fluids, while maintaining and environmentally safe haven for your batteries.

The battery box with lid measures 22 1/4" long, 8 1/2" wide and 12 3/4" tall. The box itself measures 21 1/2" long, 7 11/16" wide and 12 1/2" tall and only weights a few of pounds.

These battery boxes generally will fit in the Y-yoke of most travel trailers where your existing battery(s) are. You'll need a pair of ratchet straps to secure the box to the battery tray.

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