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150 Watt RV Solar Kit

150 Watt RV Solar Kit
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Price: $795.00
Availability: 1
Model: 150 Watt Kit
Manufacturer: RVSC Products
Average Rating: Not Rated

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Upgrade to Blue Sky 3000i MPPT:
Add Battery Temp Sensor (BTS):
Upgrade to Dual Tilt Mounts:

150 Watt DIY RV Solar Kit


The 150 watt do-it-yourself RV Solar Kit is designed for campers that have moderate power needs who generally only run the furnace, fridge (on gas), lights, water pump and any other 12 volt factory installed appliances, or those who use a small inverter to power or charge cell phones, tablets, cameras, laptops or any other small electrical device. This is the perfect DIY system for weekend warriors! The 150 watt kit is expandable to 300 watts.

The 150 Watt RV Solar Kit features a Zamp 150 watt solar panel with silver frame, a Blue Sky Energy SC30 pulse width modulated solar controller, our exclusive Smart Feet solar panel mounts, and a hardware kit with all the other misc parts that you'll need for the install. The only supply you'll need is a small tube of Silicone.

Kit Contents

  • 1 - Zamp ZS-M-150 monocrystalline solar module
    Open circuit voltage: 21.6
    Closed circuit voltage: 17.9
    Open circuit amps: 9.05
    Closed circuit amps: 8.38
    Dimensions: 26.5" W x 58.5" L x 1.375" D
    Weight: 26 lbs.
    Warranty: 1 year Repair, Replacement or Refund - 25 year limited peak power warranty
  • 30 foot 10/2 color coded tray cable
  • 6 - Smart Feet solar panel mounts with fasteners
  • 1 - Blue Sky Energy SC30 PWM charge controller with 5 year warranty
  • 1 - Hardware kit with ATO/ATC fuse link,15 amp ATO fuse, ring terminals, butt connector, heat shrink and roof sealant.


  • Blue Sky Energy Solar Boost 3000i MPPT Controller
    If you think you might upgrade the system to 300 watts in the future we'd recommend upgrading to the 3000i controller. If you don't think you'll upgrade the system to 300 watts stay with the SC30.
  • Battery Temp Sensor (BTS)
    This is not a requirement for the SC30 to function and charge the batteries. If you upgrade to the 3000i controller you should order the BTS or MPPT won't work properly.
  • Dual Tilt Solar Panel Mounts
    If you only use your rv/camper during the spring thru summer you don't need dual tilt mounts. If you use your rv, trailer or camper during the winter months our exclusive dual tilt mounts will increase the systems power output.


The 150 watt RV solar kit will be delivered in two shipments. The solar module will arrive via FedEx ground. The charge controller, cabling and hardware kit will arrive via UPS or USPS.

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150 Watt RV Solar Kit
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150 Watt RV Solar Kit
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150 Watt RV Solar Kit
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150 Watt RV Solar Kit
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150 Watt RV Solar Kit
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