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Sticky Feet RV Solar Panel Mounts

Sticky Feet RV Solar Panel Mounts
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Price: $10.95
Availability: 45
Model: RVSC Sticky Feet
Manufacturer: RVSC Products
Average Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars!


"Sticky Feet" No Drill VHB RV Solar Panel Mounts for Fiberglass Roofed Campers and Vans


"Sticky Feet" are sold per mount, meaning each mount costs $10.95.
Order 4 Sticky Feet mounts for solar panels under 100 watts. Order 6 mounts for solar panels 100 to 160 watts. Use 8 mounts on solar panels over 160 watts.

Sticky Feet" solar panel mounts are designed for use on Class A, B or C RV's as well as cab-over campers, 5th wheels and bumper pull trailers that have a smooth finished fiberglass or gelcoat type roof. "Sticky Feet" are height and angle adjustable and allow the solar panel to be easily removed from the bases. "Sticky Feet" fits any solar module with a standard frame.


"Sticky Feet" solar panel mounts are manufactured from .090" 5052 aluminum. "Sticky Feet" are a two piece "L" shaped mount that when mated together form a "Z" shape. The lower "L" that mounts to the RV roof has a 3" long x 1" wide foot with 3M very high bond (VHB) double sided tape on the base. A slot in the base allows for 1" of vertical adjustment. The default height of the Sticky Feet solar panel mount is 1 3/8" and can be extended to a maximum height of 2 1/8".

The upper "L" can pivot to compensate for roof curvature which eliminates binding and flexing keeping pressure on the solar panels frame equal at all mounting points.

"Sticky Feet" can be installed with the feet on one side of the module set to the highest position and the feet on the other side of the module set to the lowest position which will apply a few degrees of tilt to the solar panel. This allows rain and snow run-off to flow to the low side of the solar panel bringing dust and debris with it, in essence making your panels somewhat self-cleaning.

"Sticky Feet" were designed for use on smooth fiberglass or gelcoat type roof panels were traditional fasteners can not be used. Common applications include Sprinter Vans, Sportsmobile Vans, Bigfoot cab-over campers, Westfalia vans, Roadtrek and more. Drilling or screwing of fasteners into a fiberglass roof that is still under warranty may void the manufacturers warranty.

"Sticky Feet" are not for use on RV's with rubber or old style corrugated or aluminum sheet metal roofs!

Installation is quick and easy. First step is to decide where the solar panel will be located. Make sure that all mounting feet have a smooth and flat surface to bond to. Select are area on the roof that is free of shading.

  1. Bolt the upper L of  "Sticky Feet" mount to the solar panel using the included 1/4 -20 stainless steel bolt, flat washer and serrated lock nut, being very careful not to peel the red paper backing from the VHB tape. The lower "L" has a longer base than the upper 'L" and is coated with VHB tape.
  2. Set all "Sticky Feet" mounts to equal height positions and tighten the vertical adjustment bolt.
  3. Set the solar panel on the roof of the RV and make sure that all "Sticky Feet" bases sit flat on the RV's roof. Mark the position of each foot on the roof with a marking pen. If one or more "Sticky Feet" do not sit flat on the roof, loosen the vertical adjustment bolt to extend the "Smart Feet" base until it contacts the roof.
  4. With the solar panel upside down wire the module allowing enough cable slack to turn the module over again.
  5. Thoroughly clean the area where the "Sticky Feet" bases will contact the roof with a mixture of 50% water and 50% isopropyl alcohol. Be 100% positive that all dust, dirt, wax or other debris has been removed from where the "Sticky Feet" bases contact the roof. If the area is not hospital room clean you will not get a good bond!

The final step is sticking the solar panel to the roof. With a helper remove the red backing from the VHB tape and turn the solar panel over. Center the solar panel over the previous marked and cleaned mounting areas. Evenly and slowly lower the solar panel and stick it to the roof. You only have one chance to do this right. Once the tape contacts the roof you're done! No second chances! Firmly press down on each of "Sitcky Feet" mounts for a few seconds to start the bonding process.

Some customers have reported to us that they are running a bead of industrial silicone around all four sides of the "Sticky Feet" base to help keep water and debris from contacting the 3M tape.

Leave the RV parked for a minimum of 24 hours to allow the VHB tape to flow and to bond to the roof. 50% bond will be acheived in 20 minutes. 90% bond in 24 hours and 100% bond in 72 hours.

You are solely responsible for the safe and proper installation of your "Sticky Feet" solar panel mounts. Please read and follow all installation instructions noted above and read and follow the 3M VHB tape application installation instructions on page 9 of the VHB Tape Data Sheet. This document can be found under downloads.

Periodically check your solar panels to confirm that they are securely bonded to the RV roof.

VHB Tape Data Sheet


What's in the Box:
"Sticky Feet" solar panel mounts (In the quantity orderd)
1/4-20 Stainless steel bolts, washers and serrated lock nuts. (Enough for fastening the mounts to the solar panel).

Notes from the Installation Team
4/15/2012 - This is a new mounting technology for us. We are kind of old fashion and prefer screwing or bolting solar panels to RV roofs. Many of today's smaller class B RV's and cab-over campers have one piece fiberglass roofs which screwing or bolting is not possible. Some owners don't want to drill holes in their new fiberglass roof. The only solution is mounting with VHB tape based solar panel mounts.

The ideal conditions for installing "Sticky Feet" solar panel mounts is dry conditions for 24 to 72 hours and day time temperatures between 70° to 100°F. Minimum application temperature is 50°F.

Our tests indicate that if properly applied VHB tape will bond very well to smooth finished fiberglass RV roofs providing the roofs finish is well bonded to the roof. In one of our tests we stuck one of our "Smart Feet" solar panel mounts to the side of a fiberglass ladder. "Smart Feet" only have a 1" x 1" base. The next day we attached a heavy duty metal spring scale to the mount and tried to pull the mount off of the side of the ladder. With one of us holding the ladder and the other pulling on the scale, it maxed out at 50lbs and the mount didn't budge. That was only a 1" x 1" piece of VHB tape. "Sticky Feet" RV solar panel mounts have a 3" x 1" base times 4 or 6 mounts per solar panel.

What you need to Acquire
A small bottle of isopropyl alcohol for cleaning the mounting area.
Industrial grade silicone.

Sticky Feet Solar Panel Mounts are Eligible for UPSP Flat Rate Shipping

USPS Flat Rate Shipping. We can ship this product via USPS flat rate shipping. To take advantage of this low cost shipping service packages must be shipped uninsured. This mount is un-breakable so you needent worry about damage. To see how to ship USPS flat rate click additional images above for details.
We can ship up to 12 "Sticky Feet" and hardware in a small Flat Rate box for $7.50.

"Sticky Feet" are manufactured in Colorado and are an exclusive product of and RV Solar Connection, llc.

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Sticky Feet RV Solar Panel Mounts
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Sticky Feet RV Solar Panel Mounts
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Sticky Feet RV Solar Panel Mounts
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Sticky Feet RV Solar Panel Mounts
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