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1120 Watt RV Solar Kilowatt

1120 Watt RV Solar Kilowatt
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Price: $6,600.00
Availability: 8
Model: 1120 Watts 46.8 Amps
Manufacturer: RV Solar Installation
Average Rating: Not Rated

1120 Watt 62.4 Amp 12 Volt Residential Fridge Solar Electric Battery Charging System with Maximum Power Point Tracking and 3 Stage Pulse Width Modulation

Our installation customers are eligible for a 10% discount on replacement LED lighting bulbs.

The 1120 Watt Kilowatt Full-Timer solar system is configured with the best products available to create a "top of the line" system that is optimized for performance. This system is designed with two independent 560 watt solar arrays networked together with a pair of Blue Sky Energy 3024iL controllers. Full power in/power out system monitoring is routed to a Blue Sky Energy IPN Pro remote display.

1000 Watt RV Solar System on Diesel PusherThe Blue Sky Energy 3024iL MPPT 3 stage pwm charge controllers are capable of delivering 300 to 400 amp hours per day under clear, bright sunny skies*. The 1120 watt Kilowatt Full-Timer system is an awesome choice for folks who live in their RV full time and have high DC electrical demands. If you "live within your electrical means" one could virtually dry camp forever with little or no generator use.

The 1120 Watt Full-Timer system comes with a pair of Blue Sky Energy Solar Boost 3024iL charge controllers. The 3024iL MPPT 3 stage pulse width modulation charge controller will actually boost the solar array's output current. It's like getting a free 100 watt solar module! The 3024iL's advanced circuitry will fully and completly charge the RV's batteries which also helps to extend the batteries service life.

The 1120 Full-Timer system also comes with a Blue Sky Energy IPN Pro Remote display. The IPN-ProRemote combines full-featured charge controller and battery system monitoring into a single user friendly remote display. A bright crisp backlit LCD display with plain English language text and three simple front panel keys is easy to use. During the day the face of the IPN Pro Remote also has a small green LED light that indicates the batteries state of charge. A solid green LED indicates the system is bulk charging. Fast blink indicates that the batteries are in acceptance charge and a very rapid blink indicates the batteries are full and float charging.

The IPN-Pro Remote also monitors and controls BlueSky Energy’s IPN based charge controllers. It can monitor both the combined total and individual status of up to eight IPN charge controllers on a single IPN network. Depending on the particular charge controller model, certain additional parameters or settings can be accessed or modified with the IPN-ProRemote.

Tech Notes: We recommend that the RV should have a large 450 to 600 amp hour true deep cycle battery bank to store the power this system generates. A large battery bank also helps when the skies are not sunny. Batteries should be of the same age and group size. A system this size requies a lot of roof space. This system will only fit on RV's in the 40 foot class and larger. As you can see in the image above it can become challanging to find a place for all of the solar panels. Sometimes it is not possible place all the panels in a area that will have full sun all day.

The 1120 Watt RV Solar Kilowatt Full-Timer System Includes:

  • 8 - SolarTech 140 Watt 7.8 amp 18.3 Volt (12 volt nominal) Polycrystalline Solar Panels with Silver frame 57.7" L x 26" W (28" with mounts) x 1.97" D 26.51lbs x 8
  • 2 - Blue Sky Energy Solar Boost 3024iL MPPT Solar Charge Controllers
  • 1 - Blue Sky Energy Battery Temperature Sensors
  • 1 - Blue Sky Energy IPN Pro Remote display with shunt
  • 48 - Smart Feet Solar Module Mounts
  •  All Solar, IPN and Shunt wiring
  • Complete Installation

The components listed above are our recommendation for developing the best and most efficient solar electric system available. Substituting a pair of IPN Remotes in place of the IPN Pro Remote will lower the cost of the system and will not effect performance of the system.

System installation time: 2 to 3 days

SolarTech SPM140 Data Sheet
Blue Sky Energy Battery Temp Sensor Data Sheet
Blue Sky Energy 3024IL Owners Manual
Blue Sky Energy IPN ProRemote Data Sheet
Blue Sky Energy IPN Pro Remote Owners Manual


  • RVSC Dual Tilt Solar Panel Mounts - Tilting solar module mounts combined with an MPPT controller can increase your solar systems current output up to 30% during the fall and winter months. There is no need to tilt your solar modules during the summer months.
  • Downgrade to a pair of IPN remotes to lower system cost.

Solar Module - 5 year workmanship - 12 year 90% output - 25 year 80% output
Solar Controller - 5 years
IPN Pro Remote - 1 year
Solar Installation - 1 year

This installed system is only availalbe to our customers who are able to bring their RV to Granby, CO and leave the RV for installation and system testing.
Prices based on availability and are subject to change if component prices change since last site update. Last update 2/4/2018.
Price excludes 4.2% sales tax.

* Based on 5 hours strong sunlight during winter and 7 hours summer.


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1120 Watt RV Solar Kilowatt
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1120 Watt RV Solar Kilowatt
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1120 Watt RV Solar Kilowatt
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1120 Watt RV Solar Kilowatt
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1120 Watt RV Solar Kilowatt
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1120 Watt RV Solar Kilowatt
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