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90 Watt Class B Economy System - Made in USA

90 Watt Class B Economy System - Made in USA
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Price: $1,140.14
Availability: 5
Model: 90 Watt 5 Amp
Manufacturer: RV Solar Installation
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90 Watt 5 Amp 12 Volt 3 Stage Pulse Width Modulation Class B Economy RV Solar System

Our installation customers are eligible for a 10% discount on in stock replacement LED lighting bulbs.

The 90 Watt Economy RV system is a top quality entry level solar system for Class B Rv's or smal trailers.This system is a good choice for those with low 12 volt electrical demands, limited roof space, or a tight budget. The 90 watt Class B Economy system utilizes a made in USA Zamp US 90 solar panel and a Blue Sky SC30 three stage pulse width modulation solar charge controller. All components of this system are made in the USA.

The 90 Watt Class B Economy System can produce 25 to 35 amp hours per day under clear sunny skies*. The 90 Watt Class B Economy System can charge Gel, AGM, Lithium or lead acid batteries commonly used in today's RV's.

The 90 Watt Class B Economy Solar System is expandable to a total 360 watts. If in the future you find that you'd like more solar power it is possible to add a second, third or fourth 90 watt module to the existing system providing there is available roof space.

The Blue Sky  Energy Sun Charger SC30 charge controller is a flush mounted controller that we'll install in an interior cabinet wall somewhere in your RV. The black face plate blends in nicely with RV interiors. The easy to read red digital display provides battery voltage, array current (amps) and total amps produced. The SC30 has a battery equalization mode and can be programmed with the battery manufacturer's recommended charge parameters. The display can be turned off at night if the glow from the red LED's disturbs you.

Sticky Feet RV Solar Panel Mounts require 72 hours to fully bond to the RV roof. Your RV will have to sit at our shop for three days before you can pick it up.

Battery Storage Capacity: We recommend a minimum 80 amp hour (or larger) battery bank for the 90 Watt Class B Economy System. We stock a full line of Interstate RV deep cycle batteries at our Granby, Colorado shop.

A pair of Zamp 90 wall long monocrystalline solar panels mounted on a roof rack with our Smart Feet RV solar panel mounts.

Tech Notes: Pictured above is a small tear-drop bumper pull trailer with a a pair of Zamp US 90 monocrystalline solar panels mounted on a roof rack with our Smart Feet mounts. The pair of Zamp 90 Watt solar panels are wired to a Blue Sky Energy 2512i-HV solar controller, and a Blue Sky Energy IPN remote display that provides the owner with system voltage and array output.

The 90 Watt Economy System Includes:

  • 1 - Zamp ZS-US-90 Monocrystalline 90 watt 5 Amp 18 Volt (12 volt nominal) Solar Module with Silver low profile frame 58.3" L x 13.6" W (with mounts 15.6") x 1.5" D  14.25 lbs.
  • 1 - Blue Sky Energy Sun Charger SC30 charge controller
  • 6 - Sticky Feet RV solar panel mounts
  • 30 Foot of 10/2 Tray Cable
  • Complete Installation

The components listed above are our recommendation for developing the best economy solar system possible.
System installation time: 1 day

Zamp-US-90 Warranty
Blue Sky SC30 Charge Controller Data Sheet
Blue Sky SC30 Charge Controller Owners/Installation manual

Solar Module - 1 year workmanship - 25 year output
Solar Controller - 5 years
Solar Installation - 1 year


  • Controller Upgrade - Blue Sky Energy 2512ix-HV MPPT solar controller
  • Remote Display Upgrade - IPN Remote display.
  • Battery Temp Sensor Upgrade - Helps to improve charge controller and battery performance.
  • This upgrade package will add approximately $220.00 to the systems cost.

This installed system is only available to our customers who are able to bring their RV to Granby, CO and leave the RV for installation and system testing.
Prices based on availability and are subject to change if component prices change since last site update. Last update 11/17/2020.
Price includes 4.2% sales tax.

* Based on 5 hours strong sunlight during winter and 7 hours summer.


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