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180 Watt Portable RV Solar System

180 Watt Portable RV Solar System
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Price: $838.95
Availability: 4
Model: USP1003
Manufacturer: Zamp Solar
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Zamp SAE Battery Disconnect Kit:
Zamp 15' Extension Cable:

Fantastic New Product... Generation 7 The Zamp 180 Watt 9.5 Amp High Power Folding Portable Solar Battery Charging System

We are really excited to announce the introduction of the Generation 7 Zamp 180 watt portable solar system. The 180 watt portable charging system is rated at 9.4 amps per hour in direct sunshine. Expected amp output of 47 amps (winter) to 65.8 or more amps (summer) per day. The Zamp 180 is the second most powerful folding portable solar system available.

Zamp portable solar systems are shipped direct from the manufacturer via ground. During the busy season (May thru August) it is possible that some portable systems may be on back order and can take up to 3 weeks for delivery.

From the Manufacturer

The Zamp USP1003 is the "Queen of the Road". With it's digital PWM controller, new adjustable folding/tilting leg system and improved wire harness with SAE connectors,  the Zamp 180 is a serious... built to last 12 volt RV charging system for lead acid, AGM or glass matt batteries. Built from two 90 watt solar modules the Zamp USP1003 produces a whopping 190 watts of solar at 9.4 amps peak and only weights 35 pounds. The 160 system will work great on any 12 volt or 6 volt battery bank.

Green, Clean and Portable!
Fully assembled and ready to use! Zamp US1003 180 watt portable folding solar systems features monocrystalline solar panel technology. This ground mounted solar kit has new adjustable tilt legs for optimum tilt angle. The new built in digital PWM (pulse width modulation) solar charge controller is 100% water and weather proof. The solar controller is mounted to a hinged plate so that the display hangs level and is easy to read. The Zamp 180 watt portable solar kit comes with 15 foot of cable with removable alligator battery clamps for easy hookup and can be folded up and stored safely in its padded carrying case.

When you arrive at camp the set-up process takes less than 5 minutes. Remove the solar panel from the case, unfold the modules, adjust the tilt legs and place on the ground in a sunny location pointing south or south-west. Then connect the power leads to your battery. That's it!

Product Features

  • High efficiency monocrystalline solar panels constructed with Bosch solar cells
  • 15' cable with fuse, battery alligator clamps and SAE connecting plugs
  • Heavy duty anodized aluminum frame
  • 25 year warranty (solar panel only)
  • Compact and powerful
  • New - adjustable hinged all aluminum support legs
  • Built in PWM digital charge controller than hangs level. Bulk charges to 14.4 volts then tapers to 13.2 float charge.
  • 6 Battery type settings: LiFEPO4, LTO, AGM, GEL, Calcium and wet lead acid
  • LED indicator lights show batterh state of charge
  • Durable heavy duty storage bag
  • Open Circuit Voltage: 21.6
  • Open Circuit Amps: 9.66
  • Closed Circuit Voltage: 17.9
  • Closed Circuit Amps: 9.4
  • Closed dimensionn: 39.5" L x 21.5" W x 3" Deep
  • Open dimensions: 79" L x 43" W x 1.5" Deep
  • Weight: approx 35 lbs.

180 Watt Portable Brochure
180 Watt Portable Warranty

15 Foot Extension Cable
- The extension cable will give you an addition 15 foot of cable allowing you to park in the shade and place the portable solar system in the sun. The combined length of both the portable cable and extension cable is about 30'.

Battery Disconnect Kit - The Zamp ZS-SolarPort is a 12 gauge battery quick disconnect kit makes it easy to plug directly into your deep cycle battery in just a few seconds. This kit is a 12" wire harness with bare wires (you'l need to buy battery ring terminals) that connects directly to your battery with an SAE type connector that matches up with the connector on your portable solar systeml.The SAE quick disconnect system allows you a few installation options.

Battery Disconnect Option 1
Drill a hole in the battery box and install the round black female port with attached screws. Connect the red wire from the female port to the positive (+) battery post.
Connect the black female port wire to the negative (-) battery post.

In some cases the pigtail of the ZS-Sidewall port may not be long enough to reach a battery post. If this is the case simply add more wire.

Battery Disconnect Option 2
Use this option if you don't want to drill a hole in the battery box.

Route the battery connection pigtail under the battery box lid. Connect the red positive wire of the pigtail to the batteries positive (+) post. Connect the black wire to the batteries negative (-) post with the included ring terminals. Mount the SAE plug to the battery box or simply let it dangle in a convenient location.

Battery Disconnect Option 3
Drill a hole in the side of the RV just large enough for the roof sidewall port. Apply a bead of silicone around the back side of the port and fasten to the RV with screws. Route the battery connection pigtail to the battery compartment. You may have to lengthen the wires with butt connectors. Connect the red positive wire of the pigtail to the batteries positive (+) post. Connect the black wire to the batteries negative (-) post.

What's in the Box
1 - Ready to deploy 180 watt portable solar charging system, buit in PWM solar charge controller, heavy duty balistic nylon zippered carry case and 15 foot battery connection cable with alligator clamps.
1 - Owners/Users manual
Any options ordered

Notes from the Installation Team
For those who prefer a portable system over a roof mount solar system the new generation 7 Zamp 180 watt solar system is the second most powerful folding portable system available. This system can be used for bulk charging large or small battery banks in RV's or off grid Cabins. We highly recommend securing the system to the ground with tent stakes, dog tie-out screws and bunge cords, sand bags or even heavy logs found at the camp site to keep the wind from blowing the portable system over.

Security can be an issue with portable systems. Pick up a 15' or 20' chain or vinyl coated cable and a couple of small padlocks to secure the system to the RV,  a twheel or the bumper of a vehicle or any other place a chain can be locked.


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180 Watt Portable RV Solar System
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180 Watt Portable RV Solar System
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180 Watt Portable RV Solar System
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180 Watt Portable RV Solar System
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180 Watt Portable RV Solar System
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180 Watt Portable RV Solar System
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180 Watt Portable RV Solar System
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