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LED Revolution G4 205 Lumen Back Pin

LED Revolution G4 205 Lumen Back Pin
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Price: $22.05
Availability: 10
Model: LED Revolution G4-205BP
Manufacturer: StarLight LED
Average Rating: Not Rated

Revolution G4-205 Back Pin 205 Lumen LED for replacing 12 volt Halogen Bulbs in RV's

From the Manufacturer

A revolutionary LED replacement bulb made to fit the bi-pin halogen fixtures. Fits all G4 puck light fixtures.

Product Features

  • 205 Lumen
  • 4200 Kelvin
  • 2.64 Watts
  • 0.22 Amps equivalent to 25 millivolts
  • 8 to 30 volts operating range
  • Lasts 30 times longer than the G4 it replaces
  • Eliminates frequent halogen bulb replacement
  • 60,000 hour life expectancy
  • Energy efficient
  • Fits most factory installed haolgen lighting fixtures
  • Patented design allows the bulb to be easily placed in any back pin fixture (Patent # 29/396,643)
  • Patent pending state of the art copper heat dissipation apparatus helps the unit stay cool
  • FCC approved - Will not interfere with radio or analog signals
  • 3 Year manufacturer's warranty


19, 773, 774, 782, 783, 790, 791, 891, JC-12V/10W/G4, 7371, 7373 and 7382 halogen bulbs.


What's in the Box
Revolution G4-205 LED halogen replacement bulb in new sealed retail packaging in the quantity ordered.

Note's from the Installation Team
Recommended Use: Recessed halogen lighting fixtures, all 12 volt DC halogen lighting fixtures with back pins.

Neither one of our 5th wheels came from the factory with halogen lighting so we don't have any hands on experiance with the G4-205 LED Halogen replacement bulb.

We do know that the G4-205 is about the same diameter as a quarter. If the halogen bulbs in your RV has two pins in the top and center of the fixture and you can get a quarter inside of the fixture the G4-205 should work.

The Revolution G-4 205 Halogen replacement LED measures 1" round. Pin spacing is 3/16".

When removing the existing halogen bulbs do not touch them with your fingers. Wear a glove or use a paper towel to remove the bulb. Oils from your skin will cause "Hot Spots" on the bulb

What you need to Acquire
Nothing - everything you need is included in the box.


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LED Revolution G4 205 Lumen Back Pin
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LED Revolution G4 205 Lumen Back Pin
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LED Revolution G4 205 Lumen Back Pin
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