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Blue Sky IPN ProRemote with 500 amp Shunt

Blue Sky IPN ProRemote with 500 amp Shunt
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Price: $245.44
Availability: 5
Model: IPN-ProRemote with Shunt
Manufacturer: Blue Sky Energy
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Blue Sky Energy IPN ProRemote Digital Display with Deltec 500 Amp 50mV Shunt


This IPN ProRemote is compatible with the Blue Sky Solar Boost 2512i, 2512ix and SB3024iL MPPT solar charge controllers.

From the Manufacturer

The IPN-ProRemote combines full-featured charge controller monitoring and battery system monitoring into a single user friendly remote display. A bright crisp backlit LCD display with plain English language text and three simple front panel keys is extremely easy to use.

The IPN-ProRemote also monitors and controls BlueSky Energy’s IPN based charge controllers. It can monitor both the combined total and individual status of up to eight IPN charge controllers on a single IPN network. Depending on the particular charge controller model, certain additional parameters or settings can be accessed or modified with the IPN-ProRemote.

By combining an advanced battery system monitor and charge controller display into a single unit, the IPN-Pro Remote eliminates the need for a separate battery monitor. It also simplifies installation and eliminates the headaches of trying to setup and synchronize separate charge controller and battery monitor systems.

Product Features

  • Can monitor multiple IPN network based charge controllers
  • Logs total input and output current
  • Equalize ON/OFF control and time remaining
  • Provides access to additional set-up parameters
  • Lifetime battery discharge amp hours
  • Days since last full charge and last equalize
  • Remaining battery capacity shown as bargraph and percent
  • Battery voltage, net current and temperature
  • Full 24 month limited warranty
  • ETL listed to UL STD. 1741
  • Dimensions Flush Mounted: 4.5" High x 4.5" Wide x 1.5" Deep
  • Weight with Shunt: 1.8 lbs.

IPN-ProRemote data sheet
IPN-Pro-Remote Owners/Installation manual

What's in the Box
1 - Blue Sky IPN ProRemote display & 25' RJ11 cable
1 - IPN ProRemote display Owners/Installation manual
1 - Deltec 500 Amp 50Mv Shunt

Notes from the Installation Team

If you need comprehensive system information on your RV's solar and battery systems you'll want the IPN-ProRemote with shunt! When coupled with the included shunt the IPN Pro will display, input current, output current, remaining battery capacity, charge efficiency, battery volts, battery capacity, amp hours from full, last full charge, last equalize, minimum and maximum battery voltage, total charge amp hours, lifetime battery amp hours, battery temperature and more.

The 4.5" x 4.5" IPN-ProRemote is easy to install. It requires a 3.25" x 2.8" cut out with 1.5" of hollow wall cavity for flush mounting. In some RV's the hollow wall cavity could be a problem. Measure your hollow cavity by removing a switch or anything that can be removed from the intended installation area. An alternative method of measuring is by drilling a hole with a 1/16" drill bit in an inconspicuousarea and measuring how far the drill bit went in. If there isn't enough depth a small 1/2" wooden frame can be built for the display.

Tape the twisted wire pair for the shunt to the RJ11 cable and pull them both thru the walls at the same time. The shunt is a snap to install on the negative side of the battery. All negative loads must be run thru the shunt.

The digital display of the IPN ProRemote is easy to read and has a display contrast adjustment screw on the back of the unit. The LED on the face of the display stays solid green while bulk charging then begins a slow blink when the batteries have reached acceptance charge then to fast blink when float charging. During equalization the LED blinks very rapidly.

What you need to Acquire
Lenght of either twisted pair of sheilded twisted pair cabling to run from the shunt to the IPN ProRemote.


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Blue Sky IPN ProRemote with 500 amp Shunt
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