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Smart Feet RV Solar Panel Mounts

Smart Feet RV Solar Panel Mounts
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Price: $7.62
Availability: 280
Model: RVSC Smart Feet
Manufacturer: RVSC Products
Average Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars!


"Smart Feet" The Most Versatile Flat Mounting System for RV Solar Panels


"Smart Feet" are sold per Mount, meaning each mount costs $7.62.

Order 4 mounts for solar panels 85 watts or less. Order 6 mounts for larger solar panels over 85 watts.

"Smart Feet" are fully adjustable, easy to install and include all mounting hardware. They fit all brands of RV solar panels and enable the solar module to be easily removed for roof or module maintenance. Order 4 "Smart Feet" mounts for small solar panels 85 watts or less. Order 6 "Smart Feet" mounts for large modules over 85 watts. Remove the white protective film from your "Smart Feet" solar panel mounts before installation.

After years of installing one piece "Z" mounts on our flat mounted systems we have developed what we feel is the best mount available for flat mounting solar panels on recreational vehicles.

Our "Smart Feet" mounts are manufactured from .090" 5052 aluminum. "Smart Feet" are a two piece "L" shaped mount that when mated together form a "Z" shape. The lower "L" that mounts to the RV roof has 1" of vertical adjustment. The upper "L" can pivot to compensate for roof curvature which eliminates binding and flexing keeping pressure on the solar panels frame equal at all mounting points. The default height of the Smart Feet mount is 1 3/8" and can be extended to a maximum height of 2 1/8".

"Smart Feet" can be mounted with the feet on one side of the module set to the highest position and the feet on the other side of the module set to the lowest position which will apply a few degrees of tilt to the solar panel. The biggest benefit here is rain and snow run-off. As rain runs off to the low side of the solar panel it brings dust and debris with it, in essence making your panels self-cleaning.

"Smart Feet" are a must for those who clean their rubber roofs annually. In less than five minutes the solar module can be easily removed and replaced with just one tool.

Installation is quick and easy. The lower "L" has a wider base than the upper 'L".  Mount the upper "L" to the solar panel with the included 1/4 -20 bolt, washer and serrated lock nut. Set all "Smart Feet" mounts to their lowest position and tighten the vertical adjustment bolts. If all "Smart Feet" bases sit flat on the RV's roof fasten the solar panel to the roof.

If one or more "Smart Feet" do not sit flat on the roof, loosen the vertical adjustment bolt to extend the "Smart Feet" base until it contacts the roof.

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What's in the Box:
"Smart Feet" mounts (In the quantity orderd)
1/4-20 Stainless steel bolts, washers and serrated lock nuts. (Enough for fastening the mounts to the solar panel).
#14 x 1" Hex Head Self Tapping Screws. (Enough for fastening the mounts to RV roof).

Notes from the Installation Team
We've installed a lot of solar systems on every kind of RV there is. Sometimes the roof is nice and even, sometimes it's not. When it's not you really need a solar panel mount that has vertical adjustment.

We've worked on rigs in the past where one or more of the mounting feet didn't touch the roof which meant we had to build a custom foot that was longer than the others. Our "Smart Feet" solve this problem by enabling the installer to lengthen one or more of the "Smart Feet" solar panel mounts. The upper "L" can be rotated to compensate for small curvature issues.

Apply a small amount of roof sealant (about 1/2 tablespoon) under the "Smart Feet" mount before fastening the mount to the RV roof. This will create a seal between the mount and the roof. Then cover the head of the fastener with roof sealant.

Update 10/13/12
Smart Feet Solar Panel Mounts on Thule TrackingWe've just completed our first solar install on a Ford Sportsmobile 4x4 van and found that our "Smart Feet" solar panel mounts can be used with Thule roof tracking and possibly other brands of roof tracking.

Simply install the lower "Smart Feet" bracket with that has the pem nut into the tracking. The upper bracket bolts to the lower bracket thru the 1/4-20 hole with the rectangular slot facing up. The rectangular slot was originally intended for vertical height adjustment of the mount, but you'll now loose this feature. The retangular slot will bolt to the solar module.

With a little luck the rectangular slot will line up with an existing hole in the solar panels frame. If not mark the location and drill a new mounting hole.

We recommend using six "Smart Feet" solar panel mounts when mounting a solar panel on a Sportsmobile. You'll have to drill new mounting holes in the center of the solar modules frame. The center mounts will not be mounted to the roof, only the solar panel. The bottom of the mounts may or may not touch the roof when fully extended. You may have to add a rubber bushing to the bottom of the mount. The purpose of the center mount is prevent the solar panel from bowing under snow load.

What you need to Acquire
Roof sealant for sealing the heads of the fasteners.
"Smart Feet" ship fully assembled.

Smart Feet Solar Panel Mounts are Eligible for USPS Flat Rate Shipping

USPS Flat Rate Shipping. We can ship this product via USPS flat rate shipping. To take advantage of this low cost shipping service packages must be shipped uninsured. This mount is un-breakable so you needent worry about damage. To see how to ship USPS flat rate click additional images above for details.
We can ship up to 32 "Smart Feet" and hardware in a small Flat Rate box for $7.50.

"Smart Feet" are manufactured in Colorado and are an exclusive product of and RV Solar Connection, llc.

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Smart Feet RV Solar Panel Mounts
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