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LED Revolution 150 Lumen Bayonet Base

LED Revolution 150 Lumen Bayonet Base
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Price: $17.65
Availability: 19
Model: LED Revolution 1141-150
Manufacturer: StarLight LED
Average Rating: Not Rated

Revolution 1141-150 150 Lumen 1.68 Watt 12 Volt Replacement LED Light for RV's, Campers, Trailer and Boats

From the Manufacturer

Well suited for RV interior lighting applications. The swivel type head allows you to aim the light where you need it.

Product Features

  • 150 Lumen
  • 6500 Kelvin
  • 1.68 Watts
  • 0.14 Amps
  • 8 to 30 volts operating range
  • Swivel style housing allows you to direct light where it's needed
  • Patented rotating design (Patent # 29/366,919)
  • Lasts 100 times longer than a standard incandescent bulbs
  • 60,000 hour life expectancy
  • Energy Efficient - 10 Revolution 1141-150 LED's use the same amount of power as a single incandesent bayonet type bulb!
  • Uses 90% less power than incandesent bulbs
  • Fits most factory installed single contact bayonet RV lighting fixtures
  • Operates much cooler than incandescent bulbs - won't melt lenses or fixtures
  • May be used for exterior porch lighting
  • 3 Year manufacturer's warranty


67, 93, 105, 199, 1003, 1073, 1093, 1095, 1139, 1141, 1143, 1156, 1159, 1195, 1293, 1295, 1383, 3497, 5007, 7506, 7527 or any bayonet single contact base incandescent bulb


What's in the Box
Revolution 1141-150 in new retail sealed packaging in the quantity ordered.

Note's from the Installation Team
Recommended Use: Close proximity (under cabinet)  - Accent Lighting - Bedroom Lighting - General Lighting where you don't want or need super bright lights.

The Revolution 1141-150 LED is a 6500 Kelvin bulb which means that the light output is at the lower end of the blue light spectum. This LED replacement bulb will output a little different type of light than the incandescent bulb that it is replacing. I have several in my 5th wheel and at first I was unsure about the color of the light since I've been used to incandescent all my life. Now I love the 6500K lights. Colors of things in my trailer seem more correct and I really feel like I see things better than I did with incandescent lighting. Not to mention the power savings is HUGE!

These LED's are single contact bayonet type bulbs. If you remove an incandescent from one of your fixtures and the bulb has a single bump in the middle of the metal base (single contact) the 1141 line of RV LED's will work in your fixture. These bulbs measure 2.5" in length and 1 5/16" in width. The head can be rotated for directional lighting.

What you need to Acquire
Nothing - everything you need is included in the box.


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LED Revolution 150 Lumen Bayonet Base
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LED Revolution 150 Lumen Bayonet Base
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LED Revolution 150 Lumen Bayonet Base
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