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Blue Sky Energy Sun Charger 30

Blue Sky Energy Sun Charger 30
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Price: $152.10
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Model: SC30
Manufacturer: Blue Sky Energy
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Blue Sky Energy Sun Charger 30 - Non MPPT


The Blue Sky Sun Charger 30 is an entry level high quality flush mount three-stage solar charge controller for recreational vehicle solar systems up to 450 watts or 27 amps. The SC30 is not an MPPT contrller. This controller is the best, low cost option for replacing the discontinued Specialty Concepts Mark 15 or Mark 22

From the Manufacturer

Our first entry level non MPPT solar charge controller controller. The SC30 12 volt 30 amp solar charge controller is for the budget minded consumer that desires a quality product.

Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) control combined with a sophisticated 3-stage charge algorithm to optimally charge all types of RV deep cycle batteries and a built in digital display are some of the key features. Do-it-yourselfers will love the ease of installation and use.

The built in low power LCD digital display combines excellent readability with very low power consumption. The SC 30 includes an automatic night time diming feature and may be turned off completly if desired. The high accuracy display shows battery voltage, solar charge current, and computes total solar charge amp-hours produced.

The Sun Charger 30 will promote longer battery life by fully and properly charging batteries. Blue Sky Energy is a leading manufacturer of solar panel charge controllers since 1998. We are recognized for producing reliable, quality products.

Product Features

  • Precise PWM charge voltage control with user adjustable set points
  • 3-Stage charge control plus Euqalization improves battery performance and life
  • Bulk  15.5 volt maximum - Absorption 14.4 volt - Float 13.2 volt
  • Low power LED digital display with auto night time dimming - 14mA standby - 19mA display on
  • 12 Volt / 30 Amp rating supports a wide range of applications up to 450 watts of PV input
  • Automatic night time disconnect of the solar array
  • Solar charge amp-hour counter
  • Very low voltage drop
  • Conformal coated electronics, anodized face plate and stainless steel fasteners resist corrosion
  • Protection for reverse polarity, battery PV swap, transient voltage, over current, and over temperature
  • Built in battery temperature compensation with optional remote temperature sensor
  • 5 year warranty
  • Dimensions: 4 5/8" H x 6 3/8" W x 1 7/8" deep
  • Weight: 7 ounces per our digital scale

Sun Charger 30 Datasheet
Sun Charger 30 Owners/Installation manual
Remote Temperature Sensor Data Sheet

The remote battery temperature sensor (RTS) is not required for opertaion of the Sun Charger 30 solar controller.

The RTS will improve charge control and battery performance if the charge controller is located indoors and the deep cycle batteries are located in an outdoor compartment. The battery temperature sensor allows the charge controller to continuously adjust the charge voltage based on actual battery temperature. Temperature compensation of charge voltage assures that the battery receives the proper charge voltage as battery temperature changes during normal operation. The cable length of the RTS is 20 feet and the lug fits all battery bolt studs or battery clamps.

If your batteries are located inside of the RV where battery temperature and the temperature of the SC30 charge controller are equal, then you don't need an RTS.

What's in the Box
1 - Sun Charger 30 PWM charge controller
4 - Mounting screws
1 -Sun Charger 30 Owners/Installation manual
1 - Remote temperature sensor if ordered as an option

Notes from the Installation Team
This is a new product for the 2013 season. We are just begining our installation season and haven't had a chance to install the SC30. We'll update our information as we learn more about the controller.

We have the Sun Charger 30 in stock and I opened one of the boxes to inspect the controller. One of the first things I noticed was the controller was light weight. The build quality is what you'd expect from a Blue Sky product. Unlike the 2000E all circuits on the back of the controller are protected by a hard plactic shell. This is a great feature for cabinet installation. The SC30 is shallower in depth than the 2000E which is a great benifit for wall mounting.

The terminal block uses compression for connecting the PV in and Battery out leads. It was tight but I could just barley get our 8 gauge stranded low voltage wire into the terminal block. There is no way that any wire larger than 8 gauge can be used the the Blue Sky SC30. Temperature compensation is a feature generally not found in lower cost PWM charge controllers. An optional remote temperature sensor ( RTS) can be connected to the Sun Charger 30.

The attractive black face plate of the SC30 doubles as a heat sink and will be warm to the touch if the solar system is producing a lot of amps.

Update 5/16/13: Today we installed our very first Blue Sky Energy SC 30 3 stage solar charge controller on a bumper pull trailer. We had a pair of Kyocera 140's sending power to the SC30. The Kyocera's were mounted to the roof with our exclusive "Smart Feet" solar panel mounts. The two 140's were paralled with10 gauge tray cable. We used 8 gauge from panel number one to the charge controller and from the charge controller to a pair of 12 volt deep cycle batteries.

The SC30 was installed at waist height in a kitchen cabinet near the entry door. The trailer's owner has kitchen utensils in this cabinet so the hard plastic shell that covers the electronics of the SC30 is a real plus! This customers new battery bank was at 12.7 volts (almost full charge) when power from the SC30 was applied. The two panel array is capable of producing just over 15 amps per hour, and conditons were ideal when we uncovered the solar modules. It wasn't long and the SC30 moved from acceptance charge to a float charge of 13.2. The SC30 can log amps in and it only took 6 amps to top off the battery bank.

Brother Jim installed the controller and mentioned that he needed trim some of the strands off of the 8 gauge fine strand wire that we use to get them into the connectors on the Blue Sky SC30. He also solidered the ends to keep the strands nice and tidy. If you use 10 or 8 gauge AWG heavy strand wire, installation will be easier but fine strand conducts power better.

So far we are 100% happy with the SC30 and feel confident in recommending it to our customers.

Update 8/27/13: By late summer we've installed quite a few of the Blue Sky SC30 controllers in all types of RV's. We are very happy with the Sun Charger 30. When the SC30 is first powered up both of the green LED's illuminate when the SC30 is in bulk charging mode. Once battery voltage has reached 14.4 volts the SC30 will go into absorption charge for two hours. Once in absorption the green LED next to "Absorption" will be the only LED illuminated. After the SC30 has been in absorption for two hours the Sun Charger will then move to "Float" charge with only the float charge LED illuminated.

What you need to Acquire
An automotive type 10 gauge ATC fuse link and fuse to protect the wiring from the controller to the battery.


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Blue Sky Energy Sun Charger 30
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Blue Sky Energy Sun Charger 30
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