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Blue Sky Energy 3000i

Blue Sky Energy 3000i
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Price: $290.00
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Model: SB3000i
Manufacturer: Blue Sky Energy
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Blue Sky Energy Solar Boost 3000i MPPT 3 Stage Charge Controller


The Solar Boost 3000i is Blue Sky's newest charge controller for RV's. This 3-stage MPPT controller regulates 36 cell solar panels up to 400 watts and 290 watts of 60 cell panels. The solar boost 3000i should be flush mounted in vertical cabinet faces, or interior walls..

From the Manufacturer

Blue Sky Energy’s new Solar BoostTM 3000i solar charge controller charges 12V batteries at up to 30 amps from conventional 36 cell 12V PV modules. Patented MPPT technology operates the modules electrically in a manner that harvests all available PV power and can increase charge current up to 30% or more compared to conventional PWM type controllers.

The voltage step-down operation of the MPPT power converter also allows use of higher voltage lower cost 60 cell grid-tie PV modules at up to 22 amps of output current. The process of converting the much higher 60 cell input voltage down to battery voltage may produce a charge current increase approaching 200%.

Solar Boost 3000i’s sophisticated 3-stage charge control plus auto/manual equalization optimally charges flooded, GEL and AGM lead-acid chemistry batteries. A user configurable auxiliary output is also provided which can serve as either a 20 amp LVD load controller, 20 amp lighting controller with LVD, or 2 amp auxiliary battery charger for a second battery such as the engine start battery in an RV.

The low power LED display combines excellent readability with very low power consumption, includes an automatic night time diming feature and may be turned off completely if desired. The high accuracy display shows battery voltage, input & output current, auxiliary battery voltage, and computes total solar charge amp-hours produced. To provide optimal charge control for various battery types all digital setpoints for charge control and load control are user adjustable.

Solar Boost 3000i may also operate as an IPN Network Master controlling up to 7 remote Blue Sky Energy IPN compatible charge controllers such as the SB3024iL. Blue Sky Energy’s IPN Network allows multiple charge controllers to communicate with each other and coordinate their activities to charge the battery as a single coordinated charging machine. All networked controllers display through the SB3000i’s digital display and may share a battery temperature sensor, IPN-ProRemote display for high accuracy battery system monitoring, or Universal Communication Module (UCM) for remote access over the Internet.

Product Features

  • Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) increases charge current up to 30% or more compared to conventional charge controllers
  • Accepts up to 400W of 36 cell PV modules or 290W of higher voltage 60 cell grid-tie PV modules
  • 3-Stage charge control with auto/manual equalization optimally charges flooded, GEL and AGM batteries improving battery performance & life
  • Multifunction low power LED digital display with automatic night time dimming provides
  • Excellent day or night readability
  • Auxiliary output serves as 2 amp auxiliary battery charger or 20 amp load/lighting controller
  • Lighting controller provides separate PostDusk & PreDawn timers plus variable middle of the night PWM dimming
  • IPN network interface coordinates multiple charge controllers & shares optional battery sensor and IPN-ProRemote display
  • Optional Universal Communication Module (UCM) allows remote access over the Internet
  • Anodized face plate and conformal coated electronics resists corrosion
  • 5-Year limited parts & labor warranty
  • Dimensions: 6.4" W x 4.6" H x 2 3/8" Deep
  • Weight: 1lb. 1oz. per our digital scale

Solar Boost 3000i Datasheet
Solar Boost 3000i Owners/Installation manual
Remote Temperature Sensor Data Sheet

The remote battery temperature sensor (RTS) is not required for opertaion of the SB3000i solar controller but is highly recommended for use on any MPPT controller.

The battery temperature sensor allows the charge controller to continuously adjust the charge voltage based on actual battery temperature. Temperature compensation of charge voltage assures that the battery receives the proper charge voltage as battery temperature changes during normal operation. The cable length of the RTS is 20 feet and the lug fits all battery bolt studs or battery clamps.

What's in the Box
1 - Solar Boost 3000i charge controller
4 - Mounting screws
1 -Solar Boost 3000i Owners/Installation manual
1 - Remote temperature sensor if ordered as an option

Notes from the Installation Team
This is a new product for the 2014 season. We have not installed a Blue Sky 3000i solar boost controller yet.

We have the Solar Boost 3000i MPPT in stock and I opened one of the boxes to inspect the controller. Comparged to the SC30 the 3000i much heavier. All of the electrical circuitry is protected by a plastic shell, something we wish the 2000E had. The black shell has numerous horizontal slots molded into the plastic for heat dissipation.

Other than the R11 jack all of the connections on the back of the 3000i are compression, meaning the wires fit into a slot and is secured by a screw that clamps down on the wire.

The PV and Battery terminals will easily accept 10 gauge stripped wire. You could probably spilt the strands of 8 gauge wire (1/2 on each side of tightening the screw) but soldering ring terminals to 8 gauge and larger wire would be recommended.

The attractive black face plate of the SB3000i doubles as a heat sink and will be warm to the touch if the solar system is producing a lot of amps.

What you need to Acquire
Automotive type 10 gauge ATC fuse link(s) and fuse(s) to protect the wiring from the controller to the battery.
2 - Ring terminals for connecting the controllers charge leads to the battery.
4 - Ring terminals if you use 8 gauge or larger wire to connect to the PV and battery terminals on the controller.


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Blue Sky Energy 3000i
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Blue Sky Energy 3000i
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Blue Sky Energy 3000i
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