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RVSC Large Dual Tilt RV Solar Panel Mounts

RVSC Large Dual Tilt RV Solar Panel Mounts
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Price: $125.00
Availability: 17
Model: RVSC Large Mount
Manufacturer: RVSC Products
Average Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars!


The Best and Strongest Dual Tilting Solar Module Mounts for Recreational Vehicles!

This mount is adaptable to large solar panels with module end rails 25.5"  to 27". Tilt range of 0 degrees flat (stowed posiition) to 50 degrees. A patent pending product.

The large dual tilt mount was originally engineered for the Kyocera KD 135 SX-UPU series solar electric panels but is easily adaptable to other large solar module manufacturers frames. The large dual tilt mount also fits the Kyocera KD140SX-UPU, KD140SX-UFBS and the KD140GX-LFBS and the Zamp 170 watt solar panel. Once installed it takes less than three minutes per module to tilt the panels without tools or extra parts.

The large dual tilt mount accepts most solar modules with mounting holes between 16.25" to 25". The large mount bolts right up to Kyocera KD135, KD140 series and fits the Zamp 145/150 watt solar module like a glove.

Our Large Dual Tilt RV Solar Panel Mounts are extremely beneficial for any recreational vehicle owner or full-timer that needs to maximize the solar arrays output during the winter months.

During the winter months when the sun is low in the sky and day length is short module output is greatly reduced compared to what the same system will produce in the summer months. By tilting your solar panels towards the sun allows the modules to recapture some of their lost output. You won't gain all off the loss back due to the short day length but you will see a noticeable improvement in battery charging over a flat mount system. When I tilt my Kyocera 135's I gain 4 amps per module!

Adding a RVSC dual tilt solar panel mounting system paired with an MPPT contorller will recapture up to 30% of fall/winter loss in full sun. Not a huge gain, but still a large gain in battery charging capacity. Adding a Blue Sky Solar Boost 50, Solar Boost 3024iL, or Solar Boost 2000E charge controller to the system will also help recapture lost power.

The dual tilt mounts require a flat or nearly flat roof. To test your roof cut a straight piece of wood off at 26". If the wood sits flat on the roof or has less than 1/4" of space at one end the dual tilt mounts can be installed on your roof.

The dual tilt mounts can also be installed on any vertical surface such as carports, sheds, barns or fences.

The large dual tilt solar panel mount can be used on larger solar panels such as Kyocera 205's that have a 39" width. The large dual tilt mount will need to be installed at the end of the solar module. You will also need to order two of our "Smart Feet" solar panel mounts with two knobs to secure the other end of the solar panel. Please note that you will only be able to tilt one direction using the RVSC large dual tilt mounts on oversized solar panels.

Watch the video to see how fast and easy it is to tilt your solar modules without bringing spare parts or tools on the RV's roof.

Installation manuals are not included in the shipping box. Please download your installation manuals below.

What's in the Box:
1 - Set large dual tilt mount (one set mounts one module).
4 - Stainless steel bolts
4 - Stainless steel serrated flange nuts 
8 - Stainless steel washers

Notes from the Installation Team
This product is an RVSolarStore exclusive. Our dual tilt mounts are the best RV solar panel mounting solution available to date. Solar modules can be mounted to tilt street side or curb side. Or they can be mounted to tilt to the front of the RV or to the rear of the RV. Both the medium mount and the large mount are shipped in "Consealed Hardware Configuration" with stainless steel fastners to install the mount to the module.

Installing the dual tilt mounts in "Consealed Hardware Configuration" will require a helper. If the mounts are converted to "Exposed Hardware Configuration" one person can easily install the system on the recreational vehicle. "Exposed Hardware Configuration" is the easiest and fastest way to install your solar panels.

The overall height of the large dual tilt mount is 2 1/8".

The RVSC Dual Tilt Mounts is an exclusive product only available at RVSolarStore.
More in depth information can be found on our sister site:

What you need to Acquire
12 fasteners (6 for each lower rail) to fasten the mount to the roof 
Roof sealant for sealing the heads of the fasteners.


RV Tilt Mount made in USA

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RVSC Large Dual Tilt RV Solar Panel Mounts
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RVSC Large Dual Tilt RV Solar Panel Mounts
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RVSC Large Dual Tilt RV Solar Panel Mounts
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RVSC Large Dual Tilt RV Solar Panel Mounts
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RVSC Large Dual Tilt RV Solar Panel Mounts
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