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Blue Sky Solar Boost 2000E 25 amp MPPT

Blue Sky Solar Boost 2000E 25 amp MPPT
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Price: $287.10
Availability: Out Of Stock
Model: SB2000E
Manufacturer: Blue Sky Energy
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Remote Temperature Sensor:

Blue Sky Solar Boost SB2000E 25 amp 2 stage MPPT Solar Charge Controller

The Solar Boost 2000E will be discontinued and replaced with the SB3000i. Once our inventory is depleted the 2000E will become unavailable.


The Blue Sky Solar Boost 2000E is an affordable flush mount MPPT two-stage solar charge controller for recreational vehicle solar systems up to 400 watts. This controller is an excellent choice as a replacement for the discontinued Specialty Concepts Mark 15/22. With the optional remote temperature sensor this kit includes all the major components you need to get started with your install.

From the Manufacturer

"The Ultimate Photovoltaic Charge Controller" Patented Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology allows the Solar Boost 2000E to increase charge current up to 30% or more compared to conventional charge controllers. Don't waste money by throwing PV power away! Get the power your paid for with the Solar Boost 2000E.

The Solar Boost 2000E provides a precision multi-stage Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) charge control system to ensure the battery is properly and fully charged, resulting in enhanced battery performance with less battery maintenacne and longer battery life. An equalize function is also included to periodically condition liquid electrolyte lead-acid batteries.

The built in LCD digital display monitors solar charge performance. The display also shows battery voltage, solar panel current and output charge current. You can actually see current boost working by knowing the difference between solar panel current and output charge current. A charge status LED indicates the present charge mode, and shows when the battery has become fully charged.

Product Features

  •  Patented MPPT technology increases charge current up to 30% or more
  • 12 Volt / 25 Amp output ratings supports a wide range of applications
  • Multi-stage pluse width modulation (PWM) charge controll improves battery performance and life
  • Electronic current limit prevents overload or nuisance fuse blow
  • Large LCD digital display monitors PV charge performance
  • User adjustable setpoints
  • Durable powder coat finish and conformal coated electronics resist corrosion
  • Available temperature compensation further improves battery performanc and life
  • Fully protected against excess current, temperature, transient voltage and polarity
  • 5 year warranty
  • Dimensions: 4 5/8" H x 6 3/8" W x 1 7/8" deep
  • Weight: 1.5 lbs.

Available Options
Remote Temperature Sensor (RTS)
The battery temperature sensor allows the charge controller to continuously adjust charge voltage based on actual battery temperature. Temperature compensation of charge voltage assures that the battery receives the proper charge voltage as battery temperature changes during normal operation. Applying the proper charge voltage is critical for achieving optimum battery performance and longevity. The ideal charge voltage required by batteries changes with battery temperature.

Solar Boost 2000E Datasheet
Solar Boost 2000E Owners/Installation manual
Battery temperature sensor Owners/ Installation manual

What's in the Box
1 - SB 2000E MPPT charge controller
1 - SB2000E Owners/Installation manual
Any options ordered

Notes from the Installation Team
We have selected the SB2000E as the replacement for the now discontinued Specialty Concepts Mark 22. The SB2000E is higher priced than the Mark 22, but in the end it is a much better controller than the on/off regulation of the Mark 22.

The SB2000E is a two-stage, bulk and constant voltage MPPT PWM controller with manual equalize. The SB2000E's black power coated face will easily blend in with RV interiors. For flush mounting a 5 11/16" x 3 15/16" cut out is requred. You'll need just under 2" of hollow cavity in the wall for setting the controller in the cut-out and to provide for air circulation. Most interior walls won't provide enough depth for flush mounting the 2000E. Hollow cabinet cavities will have plenty of depth for flush mounting. Another work-around for wall flush mounting is to build a 1" wooden frame to set the 2000E in.

Wiring is simple with inputs for solar in, outputs for battery and terminals for the battery temp sensor. The SB2000E accepts up to 10 gauge AWG via compression connection or ring terminals.

The cutout template in the owners manual is a bit small. Don't cutout on the line. Cutout on the outside edge the line.

The face of the SB2000E has a large easy to read always on LCD display. The display is not back lit. A three position switch on the controller changes the display's readout from battery voltage to solar current or output current (boost). A red charge status LED either stays on solid when bulk charging, or blinks when charge capacity has reached 90% or greater. The BS2000E pictured below has the batteries at full charge as indicated by the red blinking light and a system voltage of 14.5.

What you need to Acquire
An automotive type 10 gauge ATC fuse link and 30 amp fuse to protect the wiring from the controller to the battery.

Blue Sky Solar Boost 2000E at full charge


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Blue Sky Solar Boost 2000E 25 amp MPPT
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Blue Sky Solar Boost 2000E 25 amp MPPT
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Blue Sky Solar Boost 2000E 25 amp MPPT
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