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Blue Sky IPN Remote

Blue Sky IPN Remote
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Price: $105.00
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Model: IPN-Remote
Manufacturer: Blue Sky Energy
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Blue Sky Energy IPN Remote Digital Display


The IPN Remote is an option for the Blue Sky Solar Boost 2512iX-HV and 3024iL MPPT solar controllers.

From the Manufacturer

The IPN-Remote display provides basic monitoring for Blue Sky Energy's IPN compatible charge controllers. The unit displays battery voltage, output current and charge control system status. A bright crisp low power LED display is used to provide excellent readability in any lighting. The Charge Status indicator displays present charge control system status, and shows relative battery state of charge.

The versatile IPN-Remote shows battery voltage as measured by the charge control system. When the battery is being charged the display toggles between battery voltage and charge controller output current.

Product Features

  • Small compact design that's easy to install
  • 2.5" H x 3" W
  • Displays battery voltage and output current
  • 3 digit display
  • Low power LED display provides excellent readability
  • Power consumption: 0.15 watts
  • Conformal coated to resist corrosion
  • 12 month limited warranty

IPN-Remote data sheet
IPN-Remote Owners/Installation manual

What's in the Box
1 - Blue Sky IPN remote display
1 - IPN remote display Owners/Installation manual

Notes from the Installation Team
Over the years we've installed several Blue Sky Energy IPN Remote displays. Installation is easy but can take several house running cable. First choose your mounting location then verify that the hollow cavity in the wall has enough depth for the display to sit flush against the wall. Also confirm that the 25 ' cable will reach to the solar controller.
Next you'll need to make a 2.3" x 2.3" cut out. Then run the IPN-Remote cable from the controller to the cut out. Plug in the RJ-11 connector and fasten the display to the wall.

I have an IPN-Remote connected to an SB3024iL in my 5th wheel. I am very happy with both products. The display itself is only a little bigger than a credit card measuring 2.45" in height and 2.9" wide. The LCD display is bright and easy to read day or night. The IPN Remotes display automatically toggles between output current (amps) and battery voltage. On my system the displays battery voltage reading is within 1/10 volt of my multi-meter. At night the IPN-Remote auto dims and only shows battery voltage.

The green charge status indicator light blinks at different speeds to indicate the batteries state of charge. Solid green for bulk charging, slow blink for acceptance charging, and rapid blink for float charging.

The IPN Remote pictured below is a simulation illustrating that the system is in float charge with a fast blinking LED. A live system that has reached float charge would not be outputting 27.9 amps.

Blue Sky Energy IPN Remote at full charge

The image below simulates acceptance charging with a slow blinking LED.

IPN Remote Display showing system in in acceptance charge mode

This image simulates bulk charging. Solid LED with system producing maximum current output.

IPN Remote Display in bulk charging mode


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Blue Sky IPN Remote
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Blue Sky IPN Remote
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